Sennheiser Speechline Handheld Set DW-3-UK C with case

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The Sennheiser Handheld Set DW-3-UK C is a wireless handheld microphone system comprising 1 SL receiver DW, 1 SL Handheld DW transmitter, and a transport case.

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General Description

The Sennheiser Handheld Set DW-3-UK C is a wireless handheld microphone system comprising 1 SL receiver DW, 1 SL Handheld DW transmitter, and a transport case.

The Sennheiser SpeechLine digital wireless microphone system is the world’s first, dedicated to just speech. The SpeechLine system packs the latest technology into a sleek design ideal for presentations. No longer do you have to worry about interference, audio level control or frequency management.

The SpeechLine system operates on a licence-free 1.9 GHz frequency band that requires no registration and features automatic frequency management, automatic audio level management, interference management and app-based remote monitoring and maintenance.

The receiver has an integrated 7-band graphic equalizer, low-cut filter, automatic gain control and de-esser, all available by the easy to use OLED menu screen.

Up to 24 Sennheiser SpeechLine systems can run in parallel making them ideal for churches, conferences centres, universities and many other environments.


Super-cardioid condenser microphone
Licence-free operation 1.9 GHz frequency band, no registration required
Automatic frequency management
App-based remote monitoring and maintenance
Audio presets for male/female voices, preconfigured sound profiles
Automatic sensitivity adjustment
Secure wireless transmission, approved by legislative encryption
OLED display showing wireless link name, battery status, and reception quality
Two AA alkaline battery or BA 10 Li-ion accupack operation
Complete system with storage case

Delivery Includes

1 SL Handheld DW transmitter
1 BA 10 Li-ion accupack
1 SL Receiver
1 NT 2-3 PSU
1 Transport case
1 Microphone clip

Technical Data

SL Handheld DW transmitter
RF output power: adaptive, up to 250 mW (country-specific)
AF frequency response: 50 to 20,000 Hz
Input sensitivity: automatic sensitivity adjustment
Power supply Accupack: BA 10 (Li-Ion, 3.7 V)
Batteries*: 2 x AA size battery (1.5 V)
Operating time Accupack: typ. 15 h Batteries*: typ. 10 h
Display: LCD
Mute switch: available
Weight (w/o accupack) approx.: 262g incl. microphone head
SL Receiver
RF sensitivity: < -90 dBm
RF output power back channel: adaptive, up to 250 mW (country-specific)
Digital gain adjustable in steps of 6 dB: Mic/line level switch: -24 dB/0 dB
XLR, balanced: max. +18 dBu
RCA, unbalanced: max. +6 dBu
Audio effects: Low cut: -3 dB at 120 Hz
Equalizer: 7-band graphic equalizer with sound presets
Automatic gain control AGC: compression/expansion with automatic make-up gain function
Display: OLED
Network protocol: Media Control Protocol, TCP/IP IPv4 (DHCP, manual)/ IPv6
Power supply: 12 V DC
Current consumption: 350 mA
AF connection sockets: XLR/2 x RCA
Antenna sockets: 2 x reverse SMA
Network sockets: RJ-45
DC socket for power supply: hollow jack
Weight approx.: 828g


Sennheiser SpeechLine spec sheet

Sennheiser SpeechLine brochure

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