AXIWI communication system

The full-duplex AXIWI AT-320M enables up to 6 people to communicate with each simultaneously, as if on the same telephone call. The lightweight and compact transceivers can be operated completely hands-free.

Referees using full-duplex communication system

The universal design of the AXIWI AT-320M allows each transceiver to be configured as either a ‘Master’ or ‘Follower’ enabling the system to be setup in one-way or two-way operation.

AXIWI AT-320 transceiver compact size

Very compact and lightweight design - only 39g!
Licence-free operation on all continents
Integrated clothing clip for hands-free use
Full-duplex for up to 6 people per channel
Up to 4 channels of 250 users

AXIWI one-way communication system example

In one-way operation only the presenter can speak to the group.

AXIWI two-way communication system example

In two-way operation anybody can participate in the conversation with a maximum of 6 units live at any one time. The main presenter’s transceiver is always able to speak. Up to 5 members of the group can also join the conversation in a first-in-first-out program.

AXIWI two-way communication system with four groups example

The system features 4 channels and each channel can contain a maximum of 250 units.

AXIWI AT-320 channel indicating LEDs

AXIWI system desktop charger

The AXIWI AT-320 transceivers can recharged either by USB cable or a dedicated ten-way desktop charger. The ‘S’ (Speak) button on each transceiver illuminates to indicate the charging status.

AXIWI communication system headsets

Referee communication kit

A wide range of headsets are available to suit many applications including-

Security in retail or clubs
Museums and tour operators
Catering and events
Talkback for theatre productions, media and television
Simultaneous interpretation
Workshop/HGV testing/MOT and automotive maintenance
Bird watching or Safari
Segway tours
Coach/On-the-job training
Referee and sporting official’s communication for Football, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Cycling, Athletics, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Sailing, Rowing, Canoeing, Cricket, Horse riding, Rock climbing
And many other applications!

Tour guide using AXIWI transceiver and headset

Tour guide using AXIWI communication system

AXIWI sports communication system

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AXIWI user manual

AXIWI user manual for submaster software

AXIWI communication system quick guide

Referee communication system quick guide

AXIWI referee communication system survey results

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