New Sennheiser AVX camera system

The Sennheiser AVX is the new wireless microphone system for use on video and DSLR cameras. This revolutionary system guarantees stress-free capturing of sound for your film projects. From professional wedding videos to broadcast – among the various AVX sets you’ll find one to suit your application. Rely on perfect sound quality, just relax and leave the rest to the dependable Sennheiser wireless technology. 

Sennheiser AVX camera systems

This award winning systems features include-

Optimised dynamic range that automatically adjusts the audio gain to match the camera input sensitivity, so you don’t have to adjust the audio level on the microphone. 

Automatic pairing and wireless link protection, guarantee perfect audio transmission between the microphone and the receiver. The AVX system automatically switches to the best operating frequency to avoid interference.

Adaptive transmitting power changes to only use what is required to maintain a reliable connection. This two-way communication not only ensures a stable link, it preserves battery power.

Both the AVX transmitter and receiver are powered by lithium-ion battery packs, which can be charged via a mini USB port. The transmitters display the battery status on the LCD.

As the AVX receiver plugs directly into the camera XLR socket, and is powered by the phantom power, it automatically switches On/Off with the camera to save battery power. For cameras that don’t have a XLR socket, the system comes with a hot shoe mount and adaptor cable with 3.5mm jack.

The AVX operates on the 1.9GHz license-free frequency range for legal use in most countries worldwide.

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Sennheiser AVX receiver mounted onto camera

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