SIS Install PA system in University Library

Mid-Wales based Sound Induction Systems Ltd, have recently installed a new public address system in the Hugh Owen Library at Aberystwyth University.

The original PA system was installed many years ago and no longer met the requirements of the library. The building has three floors which consist of the library areas, offices, store rooms and archives. When announcements needed to be made over the system, a member of staff had to speak from a lone paging microphone in a fixed location on the ground floor. Due to building alterations over the years some staff areas/rooms didn’t have loudspeakers so couldn’t they hear the message.

We met with the staff and carried out a full site survey and discussed options on how a new PA system could be configured. A requirement of the new sound system was to be able to make announcements on the top floor as well as the ground floor as both areas have a staffed desk. The system also needed to be zoned to enable an announcement to be made to a specific area so not to disturb students/staff on other floors. As well as making live announcements, a means of playing pre-recorded messages was discussed. With the old system a daily script had to be read out in English and Welsh to inform students of floor closing times (with warnings at 15 minutes and 5 minutes). A digital message board option was suggested which allowed members of staff to record six messages (with the option to program how many times each message was repeated and the time interval between each repeat).

The install took place during normal opening times and care was taken by SIS staff to keep disruption and noise to a minimum. The whole system was completely rewired with 6 cabinet loudspeakers and 62 ceiling loudspeakers installed. Two paging microphones were installed for the two staff desks with the facilities to play recorded messages or make live paging announcements from each location. A new 100 Volt mixer/amplifier was also installed.

PA system paging microphone

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