Sennheiser RF hearing system for Genting Arena

Sound Induction Systems were approached by the Genting Arena to upgrade their Sennheiser infrared hearing system (which was installed by SIS 12 years before). The infrared system had been installed to cover specific seating blocks of the 15,000 capacity multi-purpose venue, but was showing signs of wear.

After discussing the different options available it was decided that the new system had to provide 100% coverage to all seats and standing positions. SIS had no reservations in recommending that a Sennheiser RF system be installed.

As an RF system is based on radio rather than infrared, it does not rely on line-of-sight between the radiator/transmitter and the receivers. Therefore the user can be anywhere within the arena.

Sennheiser EK 1039 used for hearing support at arena
The system comprises a rack-mounted transmitter with omni-directional antenna (mounted on the gantry) and wireless bodypack receivers. Each system user can choose to either connect a personal neck-worn induction loop (to work in conjunction with a hearing aid) or lightweight headphones. They can then adjust their personal volume to a comfortable level. A lanyard is supplied with each receiver to enable the system to be used hands-free.

Sennheiser EK 1039 receivers docked into L 1039-10 chargers
The receivers are charged in rack-mounted charging racks. Each charging dock has a battery status LED to indicate when each battery is fully charged ready for the next event.

More information on the Sennheiser EK 1039 system can be found here.

More information on the Genting Arena can be found here.

Genting Arena

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