Sennheiser audio description system for hire

Sennheiser audio description system

Sound Induction Systems now have a compact 6 way audio description system for hire. 

An audio description system is used to describe an event to individuals (often visually impaired). The system is perfect for the performing arts such as theatre or dance. It can also be used for live commentary at sporting events, on the job training, simultaneous translation or for guided tours.

How it works

In a theatre the wireless receivers are handed out to visually impaired audience members. A narrator uses the radio microphone to provide additional commentary of the production e.g. describing body language, expressions and movements. This gives the system users more information about the things they might not be able to see, enabling them to visualise the scene and keep up with the action. 

This new hire kit is ideal for small events where up to six people require a receiver.


Setup in seconds and easy to use

Licence free wireless technology

Up to four channels (additional transmitters required)

Can be used indoors or outdoors

Up to 100m range

Compact and easily portable


The system comprises of six Sennheiser EK 1035 bodypack receivers with charging docks and a radio microphone transmitter. 

Receiver options include

Earphones- ideal for use indoors (as shown)

Headphones for outdoors or in noisy environments

Induction neck loop to assist hearing aid wearers

Transmitter options include

Sennheiser ew 100 G2 bodypack transmitter with choice of-

Headband microphone (as shown) or lapel microphone-both ideal for hands-free use

Line input lead to enable the transmitter to be used with a sound system or other audio equipment


Sennheiser ew 145 handheld transmitter-ideal for when the microphone is to be shared


For more information please contact us

For larger systems we recommend the Sennheiser 2020-D system-Click here for details

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Sennheiser audio description system for hire

Audio description system in transport case

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