Beyerdynamic Synexis Tour Guide System

The extensive features and product range make the versatile Synexis wireless system suitable for many applications including guided tours, assistive listening and simultaneous interpretation applications.

Beyerdynamic tour guide system

When speaking to a group of people it is essential that you can be heard. The Beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system makes this easy. Before your event just distribute the receivers to your listeners and then speak into the wireless microphone transmitter. Each individual can then simply adjust their volume to a comfortable level ensuring they hear you clearly. This not only stops you having to shout, it keeps the group focused by reducing distracting background noise.


There are three different types of transmitters available for the Beyerdynamic Synexis system. For portable systems there is a handheld microphone or a beltpack transmitter. For fixed applications there is a stationary transmitter with microphone or line level input.  

 Beyerdynamic Synexis TP8 bodypack transmitter   Beyerdynamic Synexis TH8 handheld transmitter     Beyerdynamic Synexis TS8 installation transmitter

The handheld transmitter has a soft-touch surface which reduces handling noises, guaranteeing maximum speech intelligibility. Even with wind noise there is no need to raise your voice. This transmitter can be easily passed around the group for any questions.

The bodypack transmitter can be used with either lapel or head-worn microphone allowing the guide to work hands-free. An aux input is also integrated to connect an external audio source e.g. mp3 player.

Both portable transmitters have an illuminating mute switch.


The robust receiver is very user friendly and can be worn on a belt clip or on a lanyard. The OLED screen clearly displays the selected channel and battery status. As with the transmitters, the receiver can be powered by rechargeable batteries or standard AA batteries. A wide choice of headphones are available to suit every scenario.

Beyerdynamic Synexis RP8 top view   Beyerdynamic Synexis RP8 bodypack receiver   Beyerdynamic Synexis RP8 bodypack receiver OLED screen

A weather-resistant belt bag is available for the bodypack transmitter and receivers to protect them on outdoor excursions.

Transport and charging

Synexis C20 Transport and charging case for 20 beltpack receivers/ transmitters and one handheld transmitter (picture with accessories)      The Beyerdynamic Synexis C20 is ideal for portable systems        Synexis SG24 Cabinet with castors and door. Individually equipped with synexis C8 / C10 chargers (picture with accessories)         Synexis CHP Tabletop charger with two charging compartments for beltpack transmitters/receivers or handheld transmitter (picture with accessories)     Synexis C30 Transport and charging case for 30 beltpack receivers and transmitter

For the Synexis components there are various possibilities for charging and transportation available for any size system.

Features of the Beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system include-

Licence-free within the EU

Mic and Aux-in feature on bodypack transmitter

Wide range of headphones, microphones and charging options

Clear OLED display on transmitters and receivers

Up to eight systems can be used simultaneously

Lanyards for hands-free use

Very easy to use


Assitive Listening

Beyerdynamic tour guide assistive listening system in listed building   Beyerdynamic assistive listening system

As the Synexis system is wireless, it is ideal for use for assistive listening. The receivers are available with headphones or inductive neck loop to work directly with a user’s hearing aid on the “T” position. This allows the user to sit in any event and understand every word. Portable or installed transmitters enable the system to be used in many ways with minimal or no installation.  The Beyerdynamic Synexis is ideal for listed buildings, theatres or stadiums.

Audio Description

Synexis audio description system transmitter   Wireless audio description system to assist visually impaired people

An audio description system is used to describe an event to individuals (often visually impaired). The system is perfect for the performing arts such as theatre and dance or for live commentary at sporting events.

Language Interpretation

Beyerdynamic tour guide system receivers in charging rack   Beyerdynamic Synexis simultaneous interpretation system

The Synexis system can also be used for whispered interpretation applications or in combination with other interpretation systems. If a small portable system is required, then a portable transmitter and transport case can be used, enabling the system to be ready to use within minutes of arriving at a venue. At large international events with multiple interpreters, a large area can be covered with one antenna which reduces the cost of installation. As multiple transmitters can be used simultaneously, up to eight languages can be distributed. The user then selects the channel they wish hear on their receiver.

Command or Training

The Beyerdynamic wireless command system is ideal for horse riding instructors to communicate with their students   Wireless communication aid for equestrian use

For on the job training, horse riding lessons or any other scenerio where the instructor may be a distance from the trainee, the Synexis tour guide system ensures every word is heard discreetly.

For more information on the Synexis tour guide system from Beyerdynamic please visit the shop or contact us.


Beyerdynamic Synexis tour guide system brochure

Beyerdynamic Synexis quick guide

Beyerdynamic Synexis handbook

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