Portable Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Sennsis offer a complete range of portable infrared simultaneous interpretation systems and products.

SENNSIS P-320W portable infrared simultaneous interpretation system       SENNSIS portable infrared translation system

Each system comprises a microphone, infrared radiator stack and a preamplifier. The preamplifier has all the connections that are ever likely to be needed and an (optional) integrated radio microphone receiver.

SENNSIS headband "whisper" microphone with in-line mute "cough" switch        
SENNSIS "whisper" microphone with bodypack radio microphone transmitter

The main input into the system is a lightweight headband “whisper” microphone that plugs directly into the preamplifier, or an optional radio belt pack transmitter, allowing the interpreter the freedom to move. No longer does the interpreter need to sit conspicuously at the front of the room! A radio handheld microphone and digital radio system is also available. All microphones have a mute “cough” switch.

The interpreter’s voice is then transmitted by the radiators around the room in the form of infrared (invisible) light. As this light cannot penetrate walls this provides complete confidentiality*.

Sennheiser HDI 830 infrared receiver

      Infrared receiver

Headset receivers are used by the delegates to convert the infrared signal to audio. All Sennsis infrared systems are compatible with the new Sennheiser HDI 830 receiver (above) and the older Sennheiser RI 150 receiver (as used by many organisations and councils). A neck loop receiver for use by hearing aid wearers is also available.

Sennheiser RI 150 (old style) infrared receivers in charging racks

Receivers are lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to wear. They are recharged in ten-way battery chargers.


  - Easy to use

  - Setup in minutes

  - Compact size

  - Integrated radio microphone option

  - Confidentiality when used with wired or digital radio microphone

  - Excellent speech intelligibility

  - Connections for use with other equipment

The preamplifier has all the connections that are ever likely to be needed and an (optional) integrated radio microphone receiver. SENNSIS P-320W rear

A Slave output for connecting a “Booster” extension radiator

B DC input for connecting mains power supply

C Line output for connecting to the input of an external device e.g. video conference system

D Line input for connecting to the output of an external device e.g. conference delegate system

E Microphone input

F Integrated radio microphone receiver(optional)

*System is secure when used with either the wired microphone or the digital microphone option only

A protective storage case (with retractable trolley handle) is available for each system.

SENNSIS portable infrared translation system case       SENNSIS portable infrared system storage case

Sennsis portable infrared systems are “plug and play” so can be easily used without any technical knowledge or previous experience. Each translation system is supplied with an easy to follow set of user instructions.

The most popular portable infrared simultaneous interpretation system is the SENNSIS P-320. A PDF brochure is available below.

Portable infrared interpretation system technical specifications

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Sennsis portable infrared simultaneous interpretaion systems (282Kb PDF) 

Sennsis P-320 simultaneous interpretation system (430Kb PDF)

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