Portable Public Address Sound Systems

We supply a complete range of portable public address (PA) sound systems from all the leading manufacturers. Systems range from compact lightweight body worn voice amplifiers to large venue systems with integrated radio microphones and CD/mp3 player.

Mipro portable sound system range

The systems we sell provide top quality clear sound with excellent speech reproduction at affordable prices. All systems are designed to be user friendly and can be easily used by non technical staff.

Options to consider when choosing a portable sound system:

Megaphone                       Small portable PA system with radio microphone

Types of Sound systems

Systems come in all shapes and sizes ranging from belt worn personal amplification systems, megaphones, lecterns with built-in loudspeakers, to systems that can cover over 2000 people.

Mains or battery operated?

Most of the systems have integrated rechargeable batteries which enable the system to be used anywhere e.g. outdoors, without the need for a trailing mains wire. However, if the system is only to be used indoors and having a battery is not necessary it is often cheaper to have a mains only system. Most battery operated systems can be used from the mains while the battery is recharging.


Types of microphone vary from system to system. Most systems have the option of wired and wireless (radio) microphones. Wired microphones are normally handheld microphones that are connected to the system via a removable cable however some personal body worn systems may have head worn microphones.

Radio microphones are normally available in 3 types-

Handheld microphone

This type is ideal when a number of people are taking part in a meeting as it can be passed around easily .e.g. when a member of the audience wants to ask the presenter a question.

Lapel microphone

This is plugged into a belt pack transmitter and is ideal for when one person is addressing a group of people. The microphone moves with the person and allows them to keep their hands free.

Head worn microphone

Like the lapel microphone this plugs into a belt pack transmitter and is ideal for when the presenter is active i.e. aerobics. Body worn cases are available for the transmitter to allow the presenter to move easily whilst protecting the equipment.

The range of a radio microphone system varies from model to model, but a typical operating distance is up to 50m.

Music/Video player

Most portable sound systems have the option of integrated music players. These can vary from CD players, cassette players, mp3 players (via CD, SD card or USB) or ipod docking. Systems are also available with a DVD player and some have the option of a remote control. 

Most systems have an AUX IN, which allows an external sound source to be connected. This could be a radio microphone, mp3 player, laptop or nearly any other audio device. As we make our own connecting leads in-house we can supply any lead to suit you needs. Please contact us for more details.

Slave loudspeaker

All portable sound systems have an integrated amplifier and loudspeaker. If the sound system is to be used to cover a wide area it is often possible to connect a matching slave loudspeaker to the portable sound system. This is often an identical cabinet with a loudspeaker but no additional internal amplifier.

Typical applications for portable sound systems are:

A wide range of business events, product demonstrations, conferences, sporting events, aerobics, spinning and dance classes, fetes and fairs, open days, street performers, crowd control, karaoke, auctions, and more!

Mipro portable sound systems

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