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Tour guide systems are used when it is difficult for a guide to be heard by their audience. This could be due to a large coverage area, background noise or not wanting to disturb other people. A tour guide system allows the guide to be clearly heard without having to strain their voice, whilst reducing frustration and confusion for their clients.Sennheiser 2020-D tourguide systemA tour guide system can be used without any prior experience of using the equipment. The tour guide simply switches on a microphone transmitter and distributes the receivers to the audience. The audience members then adjust their own volume to a comfortable level.

Transmitters are available in three different versions. A portable bodypack with headband microphone (ideal for hands-free operation), a portable handheld microphone (ideal for questions/interviews as it can be easily passed around the group) or an installation version for fixed locations.

Tour guide using tourguide systemIdeal for:

- Factory and plant tours or tours in other noisy environments

- Guided tours of historical sites - both indoors and outdoors

- Simultaneous translation for multilingual meetings

- Radio aid system to assist hearing impaired people

- Audio description system to assist visually impaired people

Sennheiser tour guide systems have been recognised for many years as the industry standard for wireless tour guide equipment. The current systems from Sennheiser are the 2020-D tourguide and EK 1039 tourguide.

Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide system in gallery

Make yourself heard with a Sennheiser Tourguide system...

Sennheiser tourguide system

...the easiest way to address your audience!

Sennheiser EK 1039 tourguide system
As Sennheiser Tourguide partners, Sound Induction Systems Ltd service, repair, hire and sell all Sennheiser Tourguide systems under the Sennsis brand. We have supplied systems across the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia. For more information please contact us.



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