Speech Transfer Sound Systems

Speech transfer systems enable clear voice communication between customers and staff through glass security screens. Transactions can therefore be conducted efficiently without difficulty or delay, even in noisy environments.

Bridge bar speech transfer system with induction loop system

Each system is easy to use, offers excellent voice reproduction, and enables hands-free operation for both the member of staff and the customer.

Systems can be installed as part of a new project or retro-fitted into existing facilities. The rugged yet attractive design ensures excellent reliability.

To enable communication assistance to hearing aid wearers and to meet the requirements of the Equality Act, a localised field Induction Loop system is integrated

Each system comprises:

- Twin channel audio amplifier with power supply unit and bracket

- Microphone/loudspeaker unit with mute facility to ensure privacy for the staff member

- Microphone and loudspeaker for the customer

- Induction loop system

- Full user and installation guide

We offer an installation service or can supply complete kits that can be fitted by most electrical or technical trades.

Surface mount speech transfer systemSystems are available in 3 types– Bridge bar (shown-top), Flush mounted (shown-above) and Surface mounted (shown-below). All are available in grey or black finishes. 

Flush mount counter speech transfer system with glazed screen

Typical applications for a speech transfer system are:

- Reception counters

- Theatre sales kiosks

- Banks and building societies

- Benefit agencies

- Booking offices

- Bureaux de change

- Petrol stations

- Hospitals and clinics

- Police stations 

- Post offices

- Railway stations

Or any other glazed counter.

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Speech transfer system with induction loop (bridge bar)

Speech transfer system with induction loop (surface mount)

Speech transfer system with induction loop (flush mount)

Contacta SecuriCom speech transfer system manual

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