Williams AV Digi-Wave Tour Guide Systems

Williams AV Digi-Wave Tour Guide Systems

Effective communication is the lifeblood of any successful organisation. Connect successfully with your team with the Digi-Wave digital communication system from Williams Sound. Digi-Wave is a lightweight, portable, two-way technology designed to connect you instantly to employees, clients and team members. When time, money and peace of mind matter, make Digi-Wave your go-to for seamless and productive communication.


· The quick push of a button allows two-way, full-duplex communication

· Allows for one- or two-way communication between single or multiple groups, with the  exception of the Language Interpretation Mode (one-way only)

· Global use – 2.4 GHz harmonized for use in most countries

· 87-bit encryption – offers high level of security; two digital keys create a unique combination

· Patented frequency-hopping technology minimizes RF interference from other devices

· Portability allows most systems to be transported in a single briefcase

· Lightweight. Sleek design. Simple-to-use.

· Neckloop compatible to accommodate hearing aids

· Equality compliance and assistive listening in one package

· Accommodates any number of listeners

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