Current Thinking ET30 induction loop system (B stock)

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The Current Thinking ET30 is a complete induction loop system comprising amplifier, loop cable, and microphone.

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General Description

The Current Thinking ET30 is a complete induction loop system comprising amplifier, loop cable and microphone.


Two inputs
Phantom power
Soft start
Noise limiter
Protected mix control
Protected output drive control
3A peak current

Delivery Includes

1 Induction loop amplifier
1 Loop cable
1 Lapel microphone
1 Mains lead

Technical Data

Audio inputs: 2 off
Type: microphone 3.5mm mono jack
Phantom: Yes, 4.5V 1mA
Sensitivity: -50dB
Mains Input
Voltage: 230V ~ 50/60Hz
Power: 20W Max
Internal fuse: 100mA F
Plug top fuse: 5A
Fuse for spur: 3A
Indication & Controls
LED indicators: 2 off, power and loop current
User Controls: Mix and current Drive
Protection: Recessed screwdriver adjust only
Audio processing
Compressor: Variable ratio 1:1 to limit 20:1
Attack: 10mS
Release: Automatic from 500mS to 1500mS
Noise reduction: Yes, limits bandwidth to 8KHz at full gain, 16KHz at -6dB
Dynamic range: >60dB
THD: <0.5%
Output stage
Type: Current mode
Loop impedance: 0.1Ω to 1Ω
Peak current: 3.5A Peak
125mS burst: 3A peak
RMS current: 1.5A (@1KHz)
Protection: DC, Thermal, Short circuit, soft start
Dimensions: H 170 x W 91 x D 22mm
Weight: Unit: 860g, Packed: 1kg including mains lead, mic, sticker & packaging

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