Tourtalk TT 21 tour guide system

Tourtalk TT 21 is a digital tour guide system that helps tour guides speak to their tour groups. No longer do you need raise your voice! Reduce the strain on your vocal cords and ensure your guests can hear you by using the TT 21 system.

Tourtalk TT 21-T tour guide system bodypack transmitter

Up to two tour guides can be issued with a compact transmitter and microphone. A selection of microphones are available including lapel, headband for hands-free use, or a plug-in version, for handheld applications such as passing the transmitter between participants for questions, interviews, etc. The transmitter can even be fed with an aux-in to enable an external audio source such as a phone or tablet to play pre-recorded content.

Tourtalk TT 21-R tour guide system single earphone receiver

The guests are each issued with a compact and lightweight receiver that is integrated into a single earphone. Due to the universal design, the receiver can be used on the left or right ear, featuring just two user buttons - Volume Up and Volume Down/Power.

The Tourtalk TT 21 system saves time, space, and money.

The cable-free design of the receiver allows the tour guide to distribute and collect the receivers quickly to reduce the setup time between tours. Untangling cables are a thing of the past! 

The compact size and lightweight design allows a tour guide to easily transport a large system to and from the tour locations.

The innovative receiver design eliminates the ongoing cost of replacing earphones experienced with conventional systems, saving you money and reducing waste. 

The optional dedicated USB cable enables guests to recharge their own receiver, making it ideal for tour operators as guests can be issued with a receiver at the beginning of a cruise and recharge it in their cabin, so it is ready for the next excursion.

Tourtalk TT21 tour guide system

Cases are available to recharge, transport and protect the system between the tours. The robust yet lightweight cases provide enough space to store up to four transmitters, forty-four receivers and all the accessories. They are water/dust proof and have a retractable handle and wheels!

Typical examples of use for Tourtalk TT 21 systems are:

Guided visitor tours in noise sensitive environments e.g. Factory/plant tours, museums, art galleries, near wildlife.
Language interpretation for tours with foreign guests or international meetings. 
Hearing support for people who are hard of hearing.
Audio description to assist blind or partially sighted people.
Command training for businesses or sports.
Silent conferences for presentations.
....and many more applications.

A wide range of accessories for the system can be found here.

Features of the Tourtalk TT 21 system include:

Integrated microphone on transmitter with a mute switch
Lightweight receiver design – only 21g!
Wireless channel pairing
Channel locked for reliability
Advanced digital signal processing for a superior audio quality
Dual presenter mode
No limit to number of receivers per group
Crosstalk free from other systems
Environmentally friendly cable-free receiver design
No on-going costs for earphones
Quick to distribute and collect receivers
Transmitters and receivers save pairing data ready for next use
Crystal clear sound
Easy to clean and sanitise earphone receivers 
Tourtalk’s most compact and lightweight system 
42 Channels with up to 15 separate groups
All day battery life
Completely wireless so no installation required
Durable and very easy to use
Wide range of microphones/accessories available

For more information on the Tourtalk TT 21 tour guide system please contact us.