Audio over WiFi Systems

What is an Audio over WiFi system?

An Audio over WiFi system enables wireless transmission of audio via a Wi-Fi network, allowing the user to hear via a dedicated app on their smartphone or tablet.

How does an Audio over WiFi system work?

Audio over WiFi hearing system example

Audio over WiFi systems stream the audio on a wireless network. The audio signal (from a sound or AV system) is fed into a server that is connected to a wireless network. Users access the audio by using an app on their smart device or a dedicated receiver, that is connected to the WiFi network. The system user can then select their required audio channel and listen via wired headphones, inductive neck loop or Bluetooth device.

Sennheiser mobileconnect system

Where are Audio over WiFi systems used?

Audio over WiFi systems are used in concerts halls, theatres, universities, exhibitions spaces, stadiums, silent screens in gymnasiums, sport bars, airport lounges, waiting rooms, museums, music festivals and many other places where multi-channel BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) audio streaming is required.

Systems can be configured to operate on existing guest or public networks, or via a dedicated access point. Some systems allow browser or cloud control and app customisation to include channel naming, welcoming messages, banners, promotions, QR channel selection or a talk back feature that can be used for audience interaction.

Apps are free to download from the Apple iOS and Android stores.

It is important Audio over WiFi systems meet each manufacturers minimum IT requirements for reliable audio with low latency.

Systems can be used for customer entertainment, assistive listening, simultaneous interpretation and many other applications.
Alternative systems are Induction Loop (AFILS), Infrared (IR), FM radio (RF) and soon to be launched, Auracast (Bluetooth).