Listen Technologies ListenTALK tour guide system

Whether touring a noisy manufacturing plant or an art gallery, guides need to be heard without having to raise their voice or repeat themselves. Tours often present acoustic challenges, like ambient noise or interference from other tour groups. The ListenTALK full-duplex two-way communication system from Listen Technologies offers the reliability and flexibility you need.

ListenTALK two-way tour guide system in use

ListenTALK assists in engaging your audience allowing them to fully participate and ask questions or make comments, whilst ensuring your event runs smoothly with crystal-clear, reliable and secure real-time communication.

Each person is issued with a ListenTALK LK-1 transceiver and headset. A transceiver is both a transmitter and receiver in a compact, simple to use unit.

Listen Technologies LK-1 ListenTALK Transceiver

System features

Integrated microphone (which is muted when a headset is connected).
3.5mm socket to connect (supplied) ear speaker, smartphone earbuds or a headset.
Clear OLED screen displaying the group name, antenna reception status, battery level and remaining battery life, unit ID and Leader/Participant status.
Light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness to preserve battery life.
USB socket for unit charging and software configuration.
Docking contacts for batch recharging and programming via a docking/recharging station.
Up to two leaders per group with no limit of the participants per group.
Up to ten groups can operate simultaneously.
Up to 150m range indoors and 300m outdoors.
Battery life of up to 8 hrs with a quick charge time of only 2.5 hrs.
Li-ion rechargeable battery with option of Alkaline battery pack.
1.9 Ghz DECT Licence-free operation.

Any transceiver can be setup as a leader and there must be at least one leader per group.

Listentalk two-way communication system with one leader and three participants

Listentalk two-way communication system with one leader and three participants.

Listentalk two-way communication system with two leaders and two participants

Listentalk two-way communication system with two leaders and two participants.

A leader can be identified by a red leader clip. The leader’s unit then has additional features that ensure they are in complete control during the tour. The leader can choose for the tour participants to Listen only (they cannot interrupt the leader), Respond (they can respond back to the leader only) or Discuss (they can speak to the leader and the group).

ListenTALK communication system leader programs

Listentalk system user asking a question

When a unit has been setup as a leader the large silver talk button can be toggled between talk and mute. The silver talk button on participant units is programmed to PTT (Push-to-talk) and first-come-first-served with a maximum of two microphones live at any time.

LA-480 ListenTALK sixteen-way docking station

Groups can be created by either pairing each unit back to back with a leader using NFC (Near Field Communication), or in batches by placing the leader unit in the red dock of a charging station and pressing a single button.

ListenTALK two-way tour guide system from Listen Technologies

A wide range of headsets are available to suit every environment, whether touring a quiet museum or a noisy industrial facility.

Listentalk two-way communication system

The ListenTALK system is ideal for many different applications including guided tours, training, event production, assistive listening and simultaneous interpretation.

For more information on the ListenTALK system visit the shop or contact us.


Listen Technologies ListenTALK brochure

Listen Technologies ListenTALK LK-1 Transceiver datasheet

Listen Technologies ListenTALK user guide

 Visitors using Listentalk two-way tour guide system

Sound Induction Systems Ltd are Listen Technologies accredited demonstrators

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