Auracast Systems


What is an Auracast system?

Auracast is a new standard for Bluetooth Low Energy audio transmission which enables one-to-many sharing of audio with listeners able to use their own Auracast enabled devices including earbuds, headphones, smartphones and tablets.

Aura Auracast broadcast audio-based solution for assistive listeningHow do Auracast systems work?

Auracast does not operate using the recognised Bluetooth pairing technique, instead shared audio is accessed through a user’s phone, tablet etc. via a user interface (akin to choosing a wi-fi network) or a QR code.

An Auracast transmitter broadcast includes advertisements, which provide Auracast assistants (such as a smartphone) with information about the broadcast (e.g. name, content, codec configuration, etc.) and one or more audio channels.

Auracast assistants scan for Auracast advertisements and provide the user interface to enable users to select which broadcast to join.

Once the Auracast broadcast is selected, the Auracast assistant provides the Auracast receiver (such as earbuds, headphones) with the required information to join the broadcast.

Users can potentially choose from a variety of sources; alternate languages etc. The audio quality is high and latency is low

The number of listeners is unlimited within a reported range of up to 100m.

Several assistive listening devices are in development, such as neckloops and stand-alone counter solutions, while hearing aids and cochlear implants are being enabled with Auracast. Dedicated receivers are also available.

Where are Auracast systems used?

Auracast enables crowded public spaces to offer clear audio in concerts halls, theatres, universities, exhibitions spaces, stadiums, silent screens in gymnasiums, sport bars, airport lounges, waiting rooms, museums, music festivals and many other places where multi-channel BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) audio streaming is required.

Some domestic AV appliances will also be Auracast enabled for assisting listening in the home.

The first professional audio Auracast broadcast transmitter is called Auri, which has been jointly developed by Listen Technologies and Ampetronic.


More information on Auracast can be found here.

Alternative assistive listening systems include Induction Loop (AFILS), Infrared (IR), FM radio (RF) and Audio over WiFi.