Ampetronic CLD1 compact induction loop amplifier

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The Ampetronic CLD1 compact induction loop amplifier is designed for counter systems and small area perimeter loop systems.

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The Ampetronic CLD1 compact induction loop amplifier is designed for ticket counters, banks or other point of sales systems. It can also be used for small area perimeter loop systems (up to 40 sq/m) Measuring only 128 x 74 x 35mm and with an output current of 2.4A rms, the CLD1 is the smallest and highest performance amplifier in its class. Designed and built to Ampetronic’s high standards of reliability, and backed with a 5 year warranty, the CLD1 offers certainty of performance and the lowest lifetime cost available

Audio quality is ensured with metal loss correction combined with Ampetronic’s usual high standards of design. The CLD1 is designed for flexibility and convenience, featuring 2 independent microphone inputs with independent level controls, one of which can be switched to a line input. All cable connections are made on a single face of the unit, adding flexibility and further simplifying installation

The CLD1 can be purchased with a microphone ready to be installed (please select above). The following microphones are available-

Lapel microphone

The small lapel tie clip style microphone can be worn by the member of staff or fitted to the counter structure. The microphone has an omni-directional pickup pattern and will be less effective at excluding background noise than the desktop or boundary microphones.

Desktop mic 

The desk microphone is a directional unit providing good sound pickup with reduced ambient noise and reverberation. It has a weighted base for stability when used free standing, alternatively it can be fixed to the edge of an upright panel using the rotational mounting coupling included.

Boundary microphone

The boundary microphone is small and unobtrusive ideal for concealment on a service counter. The design fixes easily to a desk top surface, and provided the desk can be drilled, the cable can be invisiblefrom the top. It has a directional, hypercardioid response which minimises room reverberation and background noise pickup, offering a clean, intelligible input signal.

Low lifetime cost
5 Year warranty
Very compact
2 independent inputs
1 mic input and 1 switchable mic/line input
Metal loss compensation
All connections to a single face for installation convenience
12V DC power pack

Delivery Includes
1 x CLD1

1 x AC to12V DC power adapter

1 x A6 Induction loop logo

1 x 'CLD1 Installation Handbook'’

1 x Loop coil and fixings

1 x Microphone option (if selected)

Technical Data
CLD1 Power Supply:
Supply range: 12-15V DC
Nominal voltage: 12V DC
Fuse: T 1.6A L
Supply currents (with nominal voltage):
Nominal (pink noise): 600mA
Quiescent: 55mA
Maximum: 1.0A
'DC IN' terminal:
Centre positive (+) concentric socket
Ø = 5.5mm/2.1mm

12V DC Power Adaptor Supply (AC):
Refer to markings on unit supplied
Must be capable of delivering 1.0A from 12V DC output

Audio signal inputs:
2-pole 3.5mm Jack sockets

Input Impedance: 8.5kW
Sensitivity: -60dBu (775uVrms)
Overload: -13dBu (173mVrms)
Microphone cables must be <= 3m

Line - Mic mode selectable with switch
'Mic' mode: same as Input 1
'Line' mode:
Input Impedance: 820kW
Sensitivity: -20dBu (77.5mVrms)
Overload: +20dBu (7.75Vrms)
Note: This input is not isolated

Compression (AGC):
40dB dynamic range
Controlled by adjusting input level
Attack and decay time constants optimized for speech

Loop Output:
Current: >2.4A rms or 3.4A pk @ 1kHz
Voltage: >3.2V rms or 4.5V pk @ 1kHz
Loop Resistance: 0.3W to 1.0W
Loop Impedance: 1.3W max @ 1.6kHz.
Spring terminal connections accept stranded or single core wire
Acceptable wire gauge:
CSA: 0.5 to 1.5mm²
AWG: 22 to 16

Frequency Response:
80Hz - 5.0kHz ± 1.5dB, at low level measured as loop current with no MLC

MLC (Metal Loss Correction):
0dB to 4dB per octave boost
Fully anticlockwise - flat response

Ambient temperature: -20°C to +50°C
IP rating: Ip20

Weight: 280g
Width: 127mm
Height: 35mm
Depth: 75mm


Lapel microphone

Colour: Black 
Cable length: 3 metres

Desktop microphone

Colour: Black 
Cable length: 2 metres
Weight: 370 gram. 

Boundary microphone

Colour: Black 
Cable length: 3 metres

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