Sennsis PIR 80 portable infrared hearing system

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The Sennsis PIR 80 is a portable infrared hearing system to assist people that are hard-of-hearing. The system is supplied with everything needed to provide basic IR hearing support (up to 80 sq/m) and is stored in a heavy-duty transport case.

The system is very easy to use without any prior experience of the equipment. Each system is supplied with laminated user instructions.

Please note: Sennheiser no longer manufacturer infrared products. Please contact us for advice on alternative products from other manufacturers that are cross compatible with Sennheiser systems.



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General Description

Portable infrared hearing systems are a cost effective and easy to use alternative to perimeter induction loop systems. They have the advantage of no trailing wires around the area to be covered and can be set up in minutes. They are ideal for meetings of a confidential nature as the infrared light cannot penetrate the walls of the room.

The system comprises a Sennsis PIR 80 (on the telescopic table stand), power supply unit, boundary microphone, stethoset receiver, bodypack receiver (with neck loop) and a two-way receiver charger, in a heavy-duty Peli-style transport case.


Quick to setup and easy to use
Can be used with or without a hearing aid
Well proven reliable technology
Secure for meetings of a confidential nature
Not affected by systems in adjacent rooms
Coverage up to 80 sq/m
Equality Act compliant
Mic level input with phantom power

Delivery Includes

1 Sennsis PIR 80 infrared modulator radiator
1 Power supply unit
1 KM 233 telescopic table stand
1 Boundary microphone
1 Sennheiser HDI 830 stethoset receiver
1 Sennheiser EKI 830 bodypack receiver
1 Neck loop
1 Two-slot receiver charger
1 Sign
1 Laminated instructions
1 Protective storage case

Technical Data

Sennsis PIR 80
Modulation FM
Nominal deviation +/- 50 kHz
Carrier frequency 2.3 MHz
Audio-XLR connector 3pin-Texas- Socket
Output impedance 50 Ohm
IR Diodes 11
Max. coverage area 80 m²
Effective radiated power 0.5 W
Operating voltage (mains) 24-27 V DC
Current consumption 180 mA
Dimensions 118 x 25 x 90 mm
Weight 140 g
RF output 3.5 mm mono

More Information
ManufacturerSound Inductions Systems Ltd

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