JTS CX-509 Low profile condenser microphone

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JTS CX-509 Low profile condenser microphone

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General Description

The JTS CX-509 is a compact low profile versatile condenser microphone ideal for miking instruments including-overhead cymbals and Hi-Hats, Tom Toms, Percussion, and also acoustic guitars. The wide frequency response and low distortion characteristics have made the JTS CX-509 a popular choice in both the studio and for live performances.

These discreet microphones are also ideal for miking up a stage or performance area


Condenser microphone
Small and versatile

Delivery Includes

1 CX-509 condenser microphone

Technical Data

Type Uni-directional Condenser
Frequency Response 30~18,000 Hz
Sensitivity (at 1,000Hz) -65dB*(0.56mV)*0dB=1V/μbar
Impedance 220Ω
Max. SPL for 1% T.H.D. 130 dB
Signal-To-Noise Ratio 70dB
Output Connector 3P XLR (M) (power module)
Phantom Power Requirements 9-52 VDC
Current Consumption ≤3mA
Weight 60g
Dimensions 19 x 79mm

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