JTS UR-816D/GT guitar and wind instrument radio system

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JTS UR-816D/GT wireless guitar and wind instrument system with plug in transmitter, jack adapter, microphone and diversity receiver

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General Description
The JTS UR-816D/GT Guitar and Wind instrument system comprises a UR-816D UHF PLL Single Channel Diversity Receiver, a UT-16GT Transmitter with 16GT clip, a 6.3GT Jack plug adapter for electric or electro acoustic guitar output, and a 508GT wind instrument microphone capsule

This convenient system transmits guitar or wind instrument output over 60 metres and has two interchangeable adapters to suit instrument requirements. The 6.3GT 6.35mm Jack adapter can be fitted to connect into an electric or electro acoustic guitar, whereas the 508GT microphone can be fitted to clip onto a wind instrument

Preset 16 selectable UHF channels (licence free)
Diversity technology ensures reliable RF link
Noise mute and pilot tone squelch
Equipped with both balanced XLR, and Ø6.3mm Jack outputs
Compact transmitter
Powered by one AAA battery for over 8 working hours
Over 60 meters of stable operation distance
Provides great convenience to both guitarists and wind instrumentalists

Delivery Includes
1 UR-816D Receiver
1 UT-16GT Transmitter
1 508GT Microphone
1 16GT Clip
1 603GT Plug

Technical Data
UR-816D Receiver
Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range 863-865 MHz (channel 70)
S/N ratio > 105dB
T.H.D.    <0.6%@1KHz
Display type LED
Display Contents Antenna A/B, RF/AF Status
Controls Power On/Off, Channel Selecting, Audio Level
Audio Output Level    -12dB
AF Output Impedance 600Ω
Squelch Pilot Tone, Noise and Mute
Operation Voltage 12-18 VDC, 200mA
Output Connector 1 Balanced XLR socket, 1 Unbalanced Ø6.3mm Jack
Dimension 210 x 40 x 171mm
UT-16GT Transmitter
Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control
Carrier Frequency Range 863-865 MHz (channel 70)
RF Outputs Maximum 10mW  
Stability ±10KHz
Frequency Deviation ±48KHz
LED Display    Power On/Off, Low battery
Controls Power On/Off, AF Level, Channel Selecting, Mute
Spurious Emissions     <-50 dBC
Audio Frequency Response 40~18,000 Hz
Battery LR03, AAA 1.5V