JTS USP-900 passive antenna splitter

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JTS USP-900 antenna splitter/combiner

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General Description

The JTS USP-900 is a passive antenna splitter/combiner intended for use with wireless systems. The USP-900 can not only split one incoming signal into two output signals, but also combine two incoming signals into one output signal. The USP-900 is designed with industry standards, so it is compatible with wireless systems of other major brands


One in Two out splitter
Two in One out combiner
Industry standard for compatibility

Delivery Includes

1 USP-900 antenna splitter/combiner

Technical Data
Full frequency band 470~870 MHz
Connector type BNC
RF Carrier Frequency Range 10~1,000 MHz
VSWR (Voltage Wave Standing Ratio) 1.2
Impedance 50Ω
Isolation 20dB
Insertion Loss 2dB
Dimensions 72.2 x 23.6 x 54.9
Weight: 62.6g

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