Engineering company purchase Digi-Wave for staff training

Sound Induction Systems Ltd has supplied another Williams Sound Digi-Wave two-way tour guide system to an engineering company. This system is to be used in Europe and Africa for on-the-job training. 

The Digi-Wave system is the world’s first full-duplex two-way tour guide system. Each transceiver can transmit as well as receive the audio. This enables anybody to fully participate in the proceedings (with a maximum of two microphones live at any time). The trainer's transceiver is set-up as a master so they can have priority to interrupt at any time. This can be identified by the grey silicone sleeve.

As the system operates in the 2.4GHz band it can be used licence-free in most countries worldwide. 

Digi-wave system supplied for training

For more information on the Digi-Wave tour guide system click here! 

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