Large tour guide system hire for product launch

We have recently supplied a large Tourtalk tour guide system to Sharp for the launch of their new 8K camera and screens. The event was based at a UK exhibition centre and was attended by dealers from across Europe.

The exhibition spaces were split into different zones showcasing the latest products.

Tour guide system for hire

The dealers were assigned to tour groups and multiple tours were conducted simultaneously around the venue.

Tour Group being led by the Tour guide using tour guide system

Each tour group used a tour guide system comprising of a wireless microphone transmitter and wireless receivers. A tour guide spoke to each tour group as they were escorted between product zones. As the group reached each zone, the tour guide passed the microphone to a product specialist to further communicate with the tour group. Every group member used their personal receiver with earphones to hear the message at their own comfortable volume level.

Tour guide system in use

The tour guide systems were set to different channels, therefore enabling multiple tour groups to operate within the same space without disturbing each other.

All transmitters and receivers were pre-programmed before the event, allowing the tour guide system to be used straight out of the box.

‘Delivering a successful and inspirational event was vital and I was responsible for Sharp Europe’s launch of 8K Ultra HD camera & LCD displays. Engaging 700+ delegates with an immersive experience was massively helped by Sound Induction Systems and their Tourtalk solution. After defining my requirement, Phil and Gareth responded quickly with a proposal and took the time to talk me through it. When I received the Tourtalk system, setup was simplified by their careful preparation and everything was as expected. We exceeded the expectations of senior management and the delegates were enthused with Sharp technology. If you are looking for a tour guide system that is reliable and that will enhance your event tour, I’d recommend you contact Sound Induction Systems.’

Thomas Gibson, Marketing Communications and Events Executive, Sharp Electronics Europe.

For more information on the Tourtalk tour guide system please click here.

Tour guide system in use

Tour guide system in use