Sennheiser MobileConnect

Sennheiser MobileConnect in use

The Sennheiser MobileConnect is a Wi-Fi based system that enables multi-channel low-latency transmission of audio to be streamed in real time to a smartphone or tablet. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) makes it easier for everybody, as the venue does not need to issue customers with an assistive listening device.

The user simply downloads the ‘Sennheiser MobileConnect’ app onto their personal smartphone/tablet from either the iTunes store or Google Play.

Sennheiser MobileConnect App

Once downloaded, the user opens the app and when connected to the existing local Wi-Fi point their mobile phone becomes the audio receiver. The user can then select the audio source they wish to hear, connect some headphones (or a neck loop) and adjust their personal volume to a comfortable level.

A unique feature of the Sennheiser app is an innovative tone control to enable the user to tune the audio to suit their personal preference. Once the app has been downloaded, the user can connect to any other venue where a system is installed.

Mobile phone

MobileConnect can be installed quickly and easily with minimum or no impact on the building. The system is a very cost-efficient and hygienic solution as the service provider does not have to store, charge or clean any receivers between events.

Sennheiser MobileConnect StationSennheiser MobileConnect Station - front and rear

In the example below MobileConnect is installed into a college campus. The system is designed to be an Assistive Listening solution for the entire campus. Students and audiences use their own device as the receiver. No additional hardware is needed. The user can access specific channels over a Channel ID entry or by scanning a QR Code.

Sennheiser MobileConnect system example

The MobileConnect system consists of three components: the MobileConnect Station, the MobileConnect Manager and the MobileConnect App.  The venue’s sound engineer connects the necessary audio feeds to a Sennheiser ConnectStation in the control/server room.

Sennheiser MobileConnect Three components

With the MobileConnect Manager, all MobileConnect ConnectStations in the network can be conveniently administered and remotely managed from anywhere on the campus.

The system is also ideal for use in universities, colleges, concerts halls, theatres, exhibitions spaces, stadiums, sport bars, airport lounges, museums, music festivals, places of worship, the uses are unlimited!

Sennheiser MobileConnect for audio description in a theatre

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