State of the art timber mill choose Digi-Wave

Sound Induction Systems Ltd were recently approached by Arbor Forest Products Ltd who were looking for a fully portable communication system for tours of their facility. The system needed to provide clear audio whilst ensuring existing hearing protection could be used, be easy to operate, enable all members of the group to participate and be robust enough for the environment.

We had no hesitation in recommending the Williams Sound Digi-Wave system. The Digi-Wave system is the world’s first full-duplex two-way tour guide system. Each member of the tour is given a Digi-Wave transceiver with headset so they can transmit as well as receive the audio. This enables anybody on the tour to fully participate in the proceedings (with a maximum of two microphones live at any time). The main presenter’s Digi-Wave transceiver can be setup as a master so they can have priority to interrupt at any time. 

As the Digi-Wave system operates in the 2.4GHz band it can be operated licence-free.

Digi-Wave tour guide system

After trialling a Digi-Wave system, Arbor Forest decided to purchase ten Williams Sound DLT 100 2.0 Digi-Wave transceivers with protective silicone sleeves, heavy duty dual-ear headsets and a charger/transport case.

Arbor Forest Products Ltd supply more than 225,000m3 of quality timber to the building, DIY and construction trades. Utilising long established supply agreements with some of the finest sawmills in Scandinavia and Russia, the timber is imported directly into their own port – the largest dedicated timber terminal in the UK.

Their state-of-the-art mill facility processes more than 35 million metres of timber. 

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