The National Assembly for Wales has recently purchased additional receivers and chargers for their existing Sennheiser tour guide system.

The Sennheiser 2020-D Tourguide system is used for simultaneous translation (from Welsh to English) in meetings and events throughout Wales.

Eighty Stethoset headsets (Sennheiser HDE 2020-D) and fifteen Bodypack receivers (Sennheiser EK 2020-D) with personal induction loops (Sennheiser EZT 3012) to assist hearing aid wearers were supplied. Sennheiser tourguide portable chargerThe tour guide system receivers are charged by two portable twenty way chargers (Sennheiser EZL 2020-D 20L) and one forty way charger (Sennheiser L 2021 40).

Sennheiser L 2021 40 tourguide receiver charger

The Sennheiser 2020-D tourguide system has huge benefits over tourguide systems from other manufacturers. The easy to use receivers have a liquid crystal display which clearly shows selected channel, volume, reception and battery status. The receivers automatically switch ON when placed on the head and OFF when removed to preserve battery life.

The National Assembly for Wales is the democratically elected body that represents the interests of Wales and its people, makes laws for Wales and holds the Welsh Government to account.

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