Digi-Wave Wireless intercom system

The Williams Sound Digi-Wave system two-way intercom system is ideal for broadcast, event and theatre production. This system allows the director and producer to communicate with crew members in different locations. 

Wireless intercom system

With up to six channels live simultaneously the system users can participate in open conversation. Two levels of priority enable the director and producer to override others and interrupt at anytime. 

Each Transceiver can be setup for either two-way communication or one-way listen only. This is ideal for crew members that only need to monitor the comms. 

The system has operates in the licence-free 2.4 GHz band and is fully encrypted. An additional security feature includes a four digit secure key system, which can be entered into each transceiver. This prevents unauthorised eaves dropping, and features a set-up-lock (SLOC) to prevent changes to the system set-up. The patented, frequency-hopping technology ensures crystal-clear audio and less interference than other systems on the market.

As the system is completely wireless, there is no installation. The system can be setup within minutes of arriving at a new venue. 

Each transceiver has an integrated rechargeable battery that is charged in a charger/transport case. A wide range of accessories is available from lightweight headphones to heavy-duty dual-muff headphones.

Digi-Wave intercom systems

For more information please visit the Digi-Wave two-way tour guide system page or contact us.