Mipro Tour Guide System

The Mipro MTG-100 is a pocket-sized digital tour guide system, ideal for guided tours, language interpretation or to assist hard-of-hearing people. Featuring encrypted transmission, true-diversity reception and user-friendly design, MTG-100 ensures everybody can hear the guide.

Mipro tour guide system in use

- The industries smallest and lightest wireless tour guide system

- Clip-on lanyard for hands-free use

- Digitally encrypted to prevent unauthorised listening

- Interference-free from Bluetooth and WiFi

- Lithium polymer rechargeable battery ensures up to 14 hrs continuous use with fast recharge (Mipro MTG-100R and MTG-100T only) 

- Licence-free within EU

- Up to 100m range outdoors

- 16 Channels for maximum flexibility ensures 4 tours can operate at the same venue

Mipro MTG-100R Tour guide system receiver

Mipro MTG-100R Tour guide system receiver

Mipro MTG-100T Tour guide system transmitter

Mipro MTG-100T Tour guide system transmitter

Mipro MTG-100C-12 and 28 Tour guide system charger/storage case


Mipro tour guide system charger/storage cases

The protective cases provide a convenient way to charge, carry and store the entire system. Slots for the receivers/transmitters have individual charging status indicators and a Sync function allows all units to be programmed to a single channel at the touch of a button!

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Mipro Tour Guide MTG-100 Brochure (PDF)

Mipro Language Interpretation MTS-100 Brochure (PDF)

Mipro MTG-100 Datasheet (PDF)

Mipro Tour Guide System-Quick Guide (PDF)