Sennheiser ADN digital conference system

Sennheiser ADN system


This page is for information purposes only as the product is discontinued.

The Sennheiser ADN (Audio Distribution Network) system is available with wired and wireless conference units. 

An ADN system comprises of desktop delegate units with integrated individual microphone and loudspeakers. A red ring illuminates around the top of each microphone when in use so other delegates can clearly identify who is speaking. 

The chairperson unit has an additional priority button enabling the proceedings to be interrupted at any time. Both types of ADN conference unit have a headphone socket with volume control. 

ADN offers excellent speech intelligibility and even sound coverage due to the twin loudspeakers and world famous Sennheiser microphone technology.

Sennheiser ADN-W wireless conference system delegate units

These ADN units are connected (either via CAT5 cabling or wireless link) to a control unit (CU). 





Sennheiser ADN CU1 conference system control unit



  Sennheiser ADN software

The CU is the heart of the system. As the CU has an integrated PC, all you have to do is connect a mouse, keyboard and monitor and you are ready to go! The pre-installed control software enables the user to change conference modes, remote switch conference units on/off, monitor wireless unit battery status and many more facilities. With free software updates, the ADN system is future-proof! The CU has audio input/output connections to integrate the system to other audio equipment such as a sound system or radio microphones. The CU even has a USB socket to enable the proceeding to be recorded as mp3 files!

For basic operation, the main functions can be controlled via the user interface on the CU front panel.

Flexibility –wired, wireless and hybrid

Sennheiser ADN C1 wired chairman unit  

Wired ADN conference units use standard CAT5 cabling daisy-chained from the CU. Systems can either be wired as a spur or as a redundant ring. Up to 400 ADN units can operate simultaneously (with external power supplies) 150 of which can be wireless.


The ADN-W wireless conference units communicate via an Antenna Module (AM) unit connected to the control unit. The system operates on both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency ranges to ensure reliable wireless transmission. Secure 128-bit encryption protects against eavesdropping during confidential meetings.

  Sennheiser ADN AM antenna module

The wireless conference units use replaceable rechargeable batteries and can operate for at least 20 hours from a single charge. With a wide range of gooseneck microphone options available, each unit can be configured to suit each application.

An innovative flight case system is available to protect and charge the ADN system between events, making it ideal as a portable system for regional events. 

Sennheiser ADN-W transport cases

Rack-mountable chargers are also available for installed systems.

Hybrid ADN systems are ideal for conference rooms/council chambers where the room has fixed and movable furniture. Wired units can be installed where furniture cannot be moved, and wireless units can be used in other areas of the room. This is ideal for multi-use meeting rooms where different room layouts are required.  

Quickly and easy setup

Sennheiser ADN systems have been designed for quick and easy operation. With automatic initialisation and hot-plug capability on wired, wireless and hybrid variants, ADN has the flexible and simple operation to suit any organisation. An example of a system we have supplied can be found here.


Sennheiser ADN conference system