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We have a wide range of portable Sennheiser infrared hearing systems for hire. From small infrared radiators to cover up to 80 sq/m to large systems that can cover up to 6000 sq/m!

How do infrared systems work?

1 The input to an infrared system can be from a microphone, a sound system or any other audio source. They each produce an electrical signal which contains the audio information.

2 This signal is fed to the modulator which prepares the audio signal for the subsequent infrared (IR) transmission.

3 This processed electrical signal is then fed to the radiator. The radiator diodes produce the (invisible) infrared light and radiate it into the room.

4 Wireless receivers are used to convert the infrared light signal back into an electrical signal and then into an audio signal again (or a personal induction loop if used by a hearing aid wearer). There is no limit to the number of receivers that can be used on a system.

The easiest way to regard infrared radiators is to think of them as floodlights of invisible light. Radiators are available in different sizes depending on the area of coverage. In most applications multiple radiators are used to ensure an even coverage of the light so the user doesn’t experience blind spots.

Sennheiser infrared equipment for rental

Infrared systems can be used for-

Hearing assistance to hearing impaired people.

The presenter of a meeting speaks into a microphone (often part of a sound system) that feeds the infrared radiators. Hearing impaired audience members are then issued with a receiver to convert the infrared light into audio. Each person can then adjust the volume to a comfortable level without disturbing others around them. 

Audio description to assist visually impaired people.

In a theatre, a narrator speaks into a microphone to provide additional commentary of the production e.g. describing body language, expressions and movements. Wireless receivers are handed out to visually impaired audience members. This facility gives the system users more information about the things they might not be able to see, enabling them to visualise the scene and keep up with the action. 

Simultaneous interpretation at bilingual meetings.

These systems are often used where meetings are held in two languages such as in Wales where Welsh and English are spoken. When Welsh is spoken by the presenter, the interpreter will translate the message into English, whilst whispering into a microphone feeding the IR system. Non-Welsh speaking delegates can then use infrared receivers to hear the interpreter’s voice and therefore understand the message.

Why use infrared?


As infrared is invisible light, it cannot penetrate walls so the transmission is contained within the room. It is ideal for events of a confidential nature or where systems are to be used in adjacent rooms.


There is very little wiring involved when setting up one of our Sennheiser infrared systems, so each system can be set-up very quickly. All systems are supplied with user instructions and can be set-up by non-technical members of staff.


We have a large range of Sennheiser infrared systems in our hire stock. If the specification changes and additional coverage is required, we can send you additional radiators that can be easily added. Systems can also be supplied with microphone and line level inputs.Sennheiser infrared systems can be hired to suit your needs. If the system is to be self-contained and supplied complete with microphones, then we have suitable systems. Or if you just want to supplement your existing system with an additional radiator for a single event, then we can supply that too.

For more information on Sennheiser infrared hire systems please contact us.

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