Univox P-Loop 2.0 portable induction loop hearing systems

The Univox P-Loop 2.0 portable induction loop hearing systems are ideal for organisations that require a temporary loop system for meetings in different rooms or venues. Each system is stored into a compact and portable brief case which enables easy transport and storage.

Univox portable induction loop hearing system casePortable induction loop systemUnivox portable induction loop system

Ideal for-

Conference centres and exhibition halls

Schools and universities

Office meeting rooms

Temporary event venues

Hard of hearing clubs

What is an induction loop?

Induction loops replace the sound path between the signal sound and the hearing aid wearer with a magnetic field. The magnetic field is induced into the “telecoil” (hence the “T” position) which is featured on most hearing aids, and converted back to audio. When a hearing aid is switched to the “T” position the microphone on the hearing aid is disconnected, so the user simply hears what is fed into the induction loop system, without the background noise.

The P-Loop portable induction loop system is very easy to setup and can operate in rooms of up to 150 square metres. Each system is available with different microphone options to ensure the event organiser has everything needed to setup up a professional multipurpose induction loop system. This flexible mobile system enables venues to provide a temporary induction loop system in different rooms at short notice.

Univox induction loop tester   


The basic P-Loop case contains an advanced, yet compact integrated induction loop amplifier, pre-loaded cable dispenser with 35 meter of loop cable and 15m loop extension cable. A Univox loop listener which enables the system to be tested or demonstrated is also included.

As the hearing aid wearer is fully dependant on the inputs of a loop system to hear anything when they have switched their aid to the “T” positions it is critical that anything that takes place in a meeting is fed into the amplifier. Each amplifier has multiple inputs to enable a wide range of microphones or other audio devices e.g. laptop or existing sound system, to be connected to the system.

P-Loop cases can be supplied with integrated wireless microphone systems to suit each meeting style. e.g. If the room is to be used lecture room style, then a headset microphone for the presenter is ideal as they can operate hands-free and turn their back on the audience, to refer to the whiteboard. A wireless handheld microphone can then be used for any questions from the floor ensuring every word is heard by any hearing impaired delegates.

A line output is also provided on each system which can be connected to a digital recorder to record the proceedings.

Univox are a world leader in induction loop system technology. The amplifier’s unique dual action AGC (Automatic Gain Control) with extremely fast attack and release time, and regulating output AGC, supplies a stable sound with very clear speech perception even in difficult sound environments.

The Univox P-Loop 2.0 is compliant with the field strength level demands set by the IEC 60118-4 for loops covering up to 150m².

Quick and easy to setup

State of the art induction loop technology

Roller case with sturdy wheel design and telescopic handle

Dual action AGC for high quality sound

Two XLR inputs for microphone/line

RCA line input and output

LED indicators for mains power, input level and loop current

High output current

Wireless and wired microphone options

Portable loop systems are available with the following wireless options 

P-Loop 2.0 None

P-Loop 2.A 1 x Wireless handheld microphone

P-Loop 2.B 1 x Wireless bodypack transmitter with headset microphone

P-Loop 2.B1 1 x Wireless bodypack transmitter with lapel microphone

P-Loop 2.B2 1 x Wireless bodypack transmitter with lapel microphone and 1 x Wired handheld microphone

P-Loop 2.C 1 x Wireless handheld microphone and 1 x Wireless bodypack transmitter with headset microphone

P-Loop 2.D2 x Wireless bodypack transmitter with headset microphone

For other microphone options, please contact us for details.

For more information on the Univox P-Loop 2.0 portable induction loop system please contact us 

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