Williams Sound Digi-Wave for Language Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

Digi-Wave systems are ideal for simultaneous interpretation where security, portability and flexibility are critical. Each Digi-Wave system is completely configurable to suit individual requirements. Whether it be interpretation at an international conference, in a court, a boardroom, an interactive museum tour or during military training.

Depending on the setup, Digi-Wave DLT-400 transceivers can be used to provide interpreting of up to 14 languages plus the floor language. Incorporating the latest wireless technology the Digi-Wave provides secure crystal clear audio for the interpreters and delegates. Operating on the 2.4GHz ISM band enables licence-free use in most countries and the patented frequency-hopping software reduces the risk of external interference.

Digi-wave one-way multi-language scenario

Digi-Wave wireless interpretation system

Slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. With the push of a button, delegates can select floor or any of 14 language channels.

This industry leading system is fully portable and can be setup within minutes of arriving at a venue making it ideal for organisations that require maximum flexibility with minimum fuss. With the complete system fitting into custom brief cases, Digi-Wave can be easily transported to different venues internationally.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave DLT-400 Transceiver

DLT 400 transceivers can be used to receive and transmit audio so are ideal for conference discussion. Up to six transceivers can be live at any time.

One or two-way operation offers flexibility in an array of applications. With the push of a button users can access two-way simultaneous communication for immediate interaction or question and answer sessions. Enhanced security features prevents unauthorised individuals from eavesdropping on the meeting.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave DLR-400 RCH Receiver

For listen-only applications delegates can use a DLR 400 RCH receiver. An unlimited amount of receivers can be used on the system.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave simultaneous interpretation systems

Both the DLT 400 and DLR 400 RCH can be recharged in charging racks. With a wide range of accessories available each system can be configured to suit each application. From lightweight earphones for discreet listening to fully enclosed ear defender headsets for industrial environments.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave examples

IC-2 Interpreter Control Console Applications

Interpreter using Williams Sound IC-2 Interpreter Control Console

The IC-2 is ideal when multiple interpreters need to work together or when one needs to toggle between two language groups. This dual interpreter console provides a simple dashboard that allows two interpreters to work seamlessly together, taking turns providing interpretation.

Williams Sound IC-2 interpreter console

The IC-2 can be interfaced with a venue’s PA system, allowing for smooth simultaneous interpretation of the proceedings to be clearly heard by all. For conference interpreting, linking IC-2 consoles creates a multilingual system with a single shared relay channel; this system can be used to provide conference interpretation for up to 14 languages.

Williams Sound IC-2

Interpreter Control Console (IC-2) can be used with FM, infrared, and Digi-Wave transmitters for portable or fixed installations. The IC-2 is designed to meet international standards for portable interpretation consoles.

About Williams Sound

Williams Sound has been helping people hear interpreters for more than 20 years. They provide reliable, intuitive technology solutions with crystal-clear audio for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Their Digi-Wave™ digital systems can be configured for use in virtually any environment where interpretation is required. Each system is designed by in-house engineers and backed by industry leading warranties.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave can be used for many other applications, including as a two-way tour guide system.

For more information on the Digi-Wave or the IC-2 interpreter control console please visit the shop or contact us.


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