Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide system (10 way with handheld transmitter)

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Make sure that everyone will understand you with the digital Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide system. Sennheiser 2020-D wireless tour systems are ideal for any activity that involves speaking to a group of listeners.


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Make sure that everyone will understand you with the digital Sennheiser 2020-D tour guide system. Sennheiser 2020-D wireless tour systems are ideal for any activity that involves speaking to a group of listeners. This could be for guided tours for tourism or business (indoors or outdoors), or to provide simultaneous translation for a meeting.

 The Sennehiser 2020-D tour guide system is the worlds first system to operate on digital radio transmission, ensuring crystal clear audio for your audience without external interference.

 This tour guide system comprises a handheld microphone transmitter, ten Stethoset receivers and a system charger/storage case.

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Sennheiser SKM 2020-D handheld microphone transmitter

 SKM 2020-D, speaking into a hand-held microphone is the easiest way to address your audience. Should a tour participant pose a question, just hand over the microphone and everything will get clearly through to everybody. Interviewing an expert in front of your audience will make your tour even more interesting.

The SKM 2020-D efficiently attenuates unwanted background noise. The transmitter is easy and comfortable to operate and highly robust. Check the back-lit display for channel and battery status. The rechargeable battery lasts for a tour of 8 hours straight. After the tour, simply quick-charge the battery pack in the charging case EZL 2020-20L which has an extra slot to charge and store a spare pack.


6 channels in the licence-free frequency range Europe: 863-865 MHz

Digital RF-Transmission

Roughed stage-proven housing

Ideal in noisy environments

Backlit display shows:

- channel selection

- battery status


Sennheiser HDE 2020-D-II Stethoset receiver

HDE 2020-D-II stethoset Tourguide receiver is the comfortable to wear receiver of the digital Tourguide System 2020-D. This truly unique device integrates both the receiver and headphones and delivers a number of advantages for you. No longer will your audience have to carry any more equipment than is absolutely necessary. Being a one piece device, they will no longer risk a tangle of cables! The powerful battery ensures that the device will work for up to 8 hours. Regardless of whether you are providing your tour in a big city or a large corporation, Tourguide 2020-D will ensure that your tour will proceed without interruption. The stethoset receiver automatically deactivates itself the moment that it is taken off, meaning battery life will be preserved. No longer will the tourguide need to check all of the sets after one tour finishes and before the next tour starts. Your tour participants will be able to individually adjust the volume through a rotary control on the receiver, without the need to even take the device off. An LC display will clearly confirm the volume, battery status, quality of reception and the channel being listened to. Channels can easily be set and adjusted by using the middle buttons. The reception range is about 100 m if your tour is outdoors and about 50 m if your tour is indoors.


6 channels in the licence-free frequency range Europe: 863 – 865 MHz

Automatic on/off switch

Large rotary volume control

Backlit display shows:

the channel selection

battery status

signal quality

volume setting


Sennheiser EZL 2020-20L charger storage case

The EZL 2020-20L charger case has been designed to be highly user-friendly. It acts as both the storage case for all equipment and charging station for the Tourguide receivers and transmitter. Twenty charging bays for the receivers and two charging bays for the transmitter—or its rechargeable battery pack—are provided. Truly impressive feature of the charging case is the Copy button. All you need do is to set one receiver to the correct channel, press this button just once, and all of the other receivers in the case will immediately be set to the same channel.


Charging bays for 20 HDE 2020-D-II receivers

Charging bay for SK 2020-D

Charging bay for BA 2015 spare battery

Fast charging of all system components in approx. 2.5 hrs

Trickle charge

Safe recharging with temperature monitoring

Copy button copies the selected channel of one receiver to the 19 others and sets the volume to default


Technical Data

SKM 2020-D Hand-held transmitter

Modulation 2-FSK

RF frequency range 863 - 865 MHz

Number of channels 6

Frequency response (microphone) 100 - 7000 Hz

RF output power 10 mW

Signal-to-noise ratio > 65 dB(A)

THD, total harmonic distortion ≤ 1%

Pick-up pattern Cardiod

Transducer principle Dynamic

Operating time (Accupack) 8 h

Power supply (Handheld transmitter) BA 2015 (2,4 V); 2 AA (1,5 V)

Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C

Weight incl. Accu 420 g

Range 50m/100m Indoor / Outdoor

HDE 2020-D-II Stethoset receiever

Modulation 2 FSK

RF frequency range 863 - 865 MHz

Tourguide mode 6 channels in parallel

Frequency response (headphones) 100 - 7000

Sound pressure level (SPL) 120 dB SPL

THD, total harmonic distortion < 1 %

Operating time (Accupack) 8 h

Accupack 830 mAh Lithium-Polymer

Operating temperature 0 - 50 °C

Dimensions 245 x 125 x 20 mm

Weight incl. Accu 73 g

EZL 2020-20L Charger/storage case

Mains voltage 100–240 VAC (50/60 Hz)

Power consumption max. 70 W

Charging time HDE 2020-D-II, < 2,5 h; SK 2020-D / BA 2015 < 3,5 h

Operating temperature 0–40 °C

Dimensions 600 x 270 x 380 mm

Weight 8,3 kg


Delivery Includes

1   SKM 2020-D

1   BA 2015 Accupack (Rechargeable battery pack)

10 HDE 2020-D-II

1   EZL 2020-D

1   Laminated user guide

Sennheiser tour guide systems are very easy to use without any prior experience of the equipment. A Sennheiser Tourguide user instruction sheet is provided with every system and is also available on our download page.

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