Tourtalk TT 21-SI22T2M Interpretation System

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The Tourtalk TT 21-SI22T2M is a complete digital language interpretation system comprising 2 transmitters with headband microphones (for the interpreters), 22 earphone receivers (for the delegates) and a charger transport case.

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General Description

The Tourtalk TT 21-SI22T2M is a complete digital language interpretation system comprising 2 transmitters with headband microphones (for the interpreters), 22 earphone receivers (for the delegates) and a charger transport case.

The compact transmitter features an input socket, a ‘cough’ mute switch with status LED, and LCD screen that displays the channel and battery status. The transmitter can either be recharged in the supplied charger case or via a USB-C port. The transmitter can be used during charging, if required. 

The lightweight headband microphone is worn by the interpreter. This sensitive microphone enables the user to whisper their translated message and therefore the system doesn’t require a booth. 

The single earphone receiver enables the delegates to hear the interpreter as well as the floor language presenters’ cadence and tone, enabling them to follow and understand the presentation.

The one-piece cable-free receiver design allows quicker distribution and collection, reducing the setup time between meetings. Untangling cables are a thing of the past!

The lightweight single earphone can be used on the left or right ear for long durations without user fatigue.

The system enables up to two interpreters to communicate to the delegates with a transmission range of up to sixty-five meters. This can be particularly useful for long events as the two interpreters can each have a transmitter, and alternate the interpretation, by muting one transmitter at a time. 

The system is ideal for student simultaneous interpreters as an experienced interpreter can also be issued with a transmitter. This enables the experienced interpreter to un-mute their microphone and seamlessly start translating should the trainee require assistance, ensuring the delegates receive the message uninterrupted.

Alternatively, the second transmitter can be changed to a different channel to provide interpretation in another language.

The entire system is wireless, so it does not require a base station (such as a Cyflais 3 tower) or mains power socket. Therefore, the system can be used indoors or outdoors. The interpreter also has the freedom to move should they need to walk near the presenter to hear what is being said.

The charger transport case simultaneously recharges up to two transmitters and twenty-two receivers.

The water and dust proof hard case provides protection during transit, featuring a retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation.
The detachable charger tray can either be used within the hard case or used as a desktop charger.

The Tourtalk language interpretation system has been designed to be very user friendly and can be setup within minutes of arriving at a venue. 

Additional transmitters can be purchased for other interpreters, to enable multiple languages to be used simultaneously.

This Tourtalk TT 21 language interpretation system is ideal for international churches, conference centres, universities, tour companies or anywhere where simultaneous language interpretation is required.

A wide range of accessories are available.


Complete lightweight 22 delegate language interpretation system with charger transport case 
Dual presenter mode
Ideal for bilingual meetings
Licence-free channels
Hands-free microphone for the interpreter
Microphone mute switch with status LED
Cable-free single earphone receivers
Quick and easy to distribute, collect and sanitise between meetings
Secure and reliable digital transmission
Wireless channel sync from transmitter to receivers
Delegate channel lock for reliability
Removeable charger tray for desktop use
Neat and orderly storage 
Completely wireless so no installation is required
Retractable handle and wheels for easy transportation
All day battery life

Delivery Includes

2 TT 21-T transmitter
2 TT-HM headband microphone
22 TT 21-R receiver
24 TT-LA lanyard
1 TT-C24 charger transport case

Technical Data

TT 21-T tour guide transmitter
Frequency range: 823-832MHz & 863-865MHz
Channels: 42
Transmission power: 10mW
Transmission range: <65m (line of sight)
Battery type: lithium-ion polymer (integrated)
Typical battery life: <28hrs
Dimensions: 81 x 43 x 16mm
(excluding antenna)
Weight: 52.1g
Operating temperature: 0°C – +40°C
TT-HM headband microphone

Frequency range: 100Hz - 15,000 Hz
Impedance: 2.2KΩ ± 30%(at 1,000 Hz)
Power supply: 3V DC current
Ambient temp.:0-40 °C
Weight: 30 g
Connector: 3.5 mm gold plated jack plug
TT 21-R tour guide receiver

Frequency range: 823-832MHz & 863-865MHz
Channels: 42
Battery type: lithium-ion polymer (integrated)
Typical battery life: <12hrs
Dimensions: 70 x 55 x 25mm
Weight: 21.4g
Operating temperature: 0°C – +40°C
TT-C24 charger transport case
Power requirements: AC 100-240v, 50/60Hz
Power supply: 5v4A DC
Charging docks: 24 Total (2 TT 21-T transmitters & 22 TT 21-R receivers)
Charging time: TT 21-T transmitter < 3hrs TT 21-R receivers < 2hrs 
Dimensions: case approx. 55 x 45.5 x 23.5cm desktop charger approx. 31 x 19.5 x 5.3cm 
Weight: 6.85kg case with charger tray and PSU
Operating temperature: 10 – 30 °C

Features and specifications subject to change without notice

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