Sennheiser RI 150 mono stethoset infrared receiver

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Wideband stethoset single channel infrared receiver.

Please note: Sennheiser no longer manufacturer infrared products. Please contact us for advice on alternative products from other manufacturers that are that are cross compatible with Sennheiser systems.

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General Description

Mono stethoset infrared receiver for use with infrared hearing or simultaneous translation systems.

The Sennheiser RI 150 stethoset receiver is worn on the ears with the body suspended under the chin (similar to a stethoscope). The receiver is lightweight and comfortable to wear even for long events. The user can adjust their own volume to a comfortable level by turning the wheel on the bottom of the receiver.


Wideband stethoset receiver

Extremely reliable transmission due to new carrier frequency (2.3 MHz)

Extremely lightweight – only 45 g

Excellent speech intelligibility and good music reproduction

Very easy to use

Operates on environmentally friendly rechargeable NiMH accupack

Operating time 5h

Delivery Includes

1 Sennheiser RI 150

1 Sennheiser BA 151 rechargable accupack battery

Technical Data

Modulation FM, Mono

Carrier frequencies 2,3 MHz

Frequency response (headphones) 18.....18000 Hz

THD, total harmonic distortion <1 %

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