New Sennheiser tourguide EK 1039

Sennheiser EK1039

The professional solution: Sennheiser tourguide EK 1039 receiver

The Tourguide EK 1039 receiver has just been launched by Sennheiser at ISE in Amsterdam. This new bodypack receiver is ideal for guided tours, simultaneous interpreting and assistive listening applications. Users of this new professional receiver will benefit from reliable RF wireless transmission, easy operation and exceptional audio quality. 

Whether guided tours of museums, factories, city tours and exhibitions or interpreting tasks at international conferences – Sennheiser’s tourguide EK 1039 receiver is versatile, flexible and easy to use. It is also an ideal choice for instructions and refereeing at sporting events or as an assistive listening receiver for houses of worship, theatres and conference centres.

Sennheiser tourguide EK 1039

Reliable transmission

“Today, professional users are faced with a crowded radio spectrum and less and less space to find room for the transmission frequencies they need. This is where the tourguide EK 1039 is able to offer a wide range of possible frequencies and thus reliable audio transmission“, explained Kai Tossing, Sennheiser’s product manager for Installed Sound. “Tourguide 1039 has a wide switching bandwidth of up to 75 MHz, making it the tour-guide system with the highest number of channels that can be operated simultaneously. Users can transmit on up to 32 channels per frequency range.” Also, the wide switching window makes finding a free frequency in difficult situations much easier. The transmission reliability is further enhanced by the EK 1039’s Adaptive Diversity reception.

High audio quality

An excellent audio frequency response of a full 25–15,000 Hz gives the receiver a very natural, high-quality sound reproduction. “Assistive listening installations in theatres or even in music venues will benefit from this excellent audio quality”, added Kai Tossing.

Sennheiser EK 1039 tour guide system

Simple operation

Time is always an invaluable resource, especially when preparing an event or a guided tour. This is why the EK 1039 is fitted with a Copy function. Once one receiver has been programmed, its settings can easily be transmitted via infra-red to the other receivers just by passing the programmed receiver over them. 

To allow for easy recognition and assignment to the listeners, the channels of the tourguide EK 1039 can be given a name, for example, “French” or “Spanish”. Of course, this channel name is also part of the data that is copied from a programmed receiver.
To fully utilise the receiver’s wide switching bandwidth, the transmitters of the 2000 series are the ideal complement for the EK 1039. It can also be used with the handheld and bodypack transmitters of the evolution wireless G3 series (reducing the effective switching bandwidth to 42 MHz). The receiver can be powered either via the included BA 2015 accupack or standard AA batteries. The headphones for the receiver can be selected depending on the application: the EK 1039 can be used with any headphones or earphones that have a standard 3.5 mm jack plug. The receiver can also be combined with Sennheiser’s induction loop accessories to assist hearing impaired people.

Tourguide EK 1039:Maximum sound quality in any environment!Target groups:

Professional system rental companies
Trade show organizers
Company technicians
Museums employees
Interpreter associations


Guided tours
Press conferences
Museum tours
Trade fair events
Simultaneous Interpreting
Assistive listening
Receiving commands/commentary at sporting events

Your benefit at a glance:

Optimum speech intelligibility
Easy to operate
Very rugged
For up to 32 groups of visitors simultaneously – can be integrated into interpreting systems without interference
Assistive listening devices possible – for maximum accessibility


Easy to operate:
Simple channel selection and volume setting
Channel and battery status shown clearly on the display
Customisable channel name makes it easy to find the desired channel
Up to 32 preset channels
Copy function between receivers for easy preset handling
Configurable lock function for protection against unwanted operation


75 MHz switching bandwidth - the tourguide system with the widest range
Adaptive Diversity technology for improved RF reception quality
Reliable operation with standard AA cells or rechargeable batteries
Audio quality:
Speech is highly intelligible thanks to an audio bandwidth of 15 kHz

Sennheiser Ek1039 tourguide receiver

Technical Data:

Frequency band UHF
Modulation FM Analogue
Receiving frequency 626-698 MHz BW
Receiving frequency 718-790 MHz CW
Receiving frequency 790-865 MHz DW
Switching bandwidth 72/75 MHz
Signal-to-noise ratio > 90 dB(A)
Operating temperature -10°C - +55°C
Storage temperature -20°C - +70°C
Frequency response 25 Hz – 15,000 Hz
Audio-XLR connector 3.5 mm stereo jack-plug
Audio-Output-Power 100 mW@ 32 ohms
Operating voltage (stand alone) 2x 1.5 V AA or BA 2015 rechargeable Accupack
Operating time (Accupack) approx. 8 h
Dimensions 82 x 64 x 24 mm
Weight incl. Accupack 200 g

The Sennheiser EK 1039 can be purchased from the shop or for more information please contact us

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