JTS conference and discussion system

The JTS CS-1 i-Conference and Discussion System is ideal for conference rooms, boardrooms and council chambers.

JTS CS-1 i-Conference and Discussion System

Conference and discussion systems provide an individual microphone and loudspeaker to each attendee ensuring everybody taking part in a meeting is clearly heard. A red ring illuminates around the top of each microphone when in use so other attendees can clearly identify who is speaking. The JTS CS-1 system adds structure to a meeting, promoting interactive discussions while allowing the chairman to control the flow of the meeting.


JTS conference system control unit with delegate and chairman units

As each delegate unit has a loudspeaker and microphone, clear and even amplification is achieved around the room.

 JTS CS-1CU control unit

The JTS CS-1CU control unit is at the heart of the discussion system which controls the microphones of the chairman and delegate units. It also features a monitoring loudspeaker and connection to allow the system to be integrated with other audio equipment e.g. Radio microphone, recording facilities, etc. Each control unit powers up to 50 microphones. For larger systems additional control units can be added to enable up to 150 microphones to be used as one system.

The JTS CS-DU delegate unit enables the attendees to participate in a discussion by speaking into a microphone controlled by a push button, and listening to the discussion via the internal loudspeaker. A headphone socket with volume control allows for the attendee to use headphones or (if a hearing aid wearer) an inductive neck loop.

JTS CS-1DU Delegate unit and CS-1CH Chairman unit for the JTS CS-1 i-Conference Discussion Unit

The JTS CS-1CU chairman unit not only provides the same function as the delegate units, but also supports the addition of a “Priority button”, that enables the chairman to control the discussion by temporary or permanently overriding and deactivating all active microphones of the delegate units.

The system is designed to be very user friendly and can be easily setup by non- technical members of staff. Each microphone unit has a captive lead which is simply daisy chained to the next unit enabling the system to be setup quickly with minimum wiring.

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