Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems

Sennheiser Tour Guide Systems

Sennheiser wireless digital tour guide systems are ideal for communicating with your audience ensuring everybody hears you comfortably without having to raise your voice. A Sennheiser tour guide system consists of a transmitter for the presenter, receivers for the audience and a charger storage case.

Tour guide systems are used when normal conversation between a presenter and listeners is difficult. Whether speaking to a large group of people outdoors, a tour in an area with high ambient noise, or not wanting to disturb other people in the same environment, a tour guide system helps you provide a professional service. A tour guide system allows the guide to be clearly heard without having to strain their voice, while reducing frustration and confusion for their clients.

Ideal for- Factory and plant tours or other noisy environments, Guided tours of historical sites - both indoors and outdoors, Simultaneous translation for multilingual meetings and as a radio aid system to assist hearing impaired people or audio description system to assist visually impaired people.

For more information please visit our dedicated Tour Guide system website

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