Sennheiser SZI 1015-T 2-watt radiator with integrated modulator

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The SZI 1015-T is a 2-Watt infra-red radiator with integral modulator. The wideband modulator uses the new extremely reliable carrier frequency of 2.3 MHz.

Please note: Sennheiser no longer manufacturer infrared products. Please contact us for advice on alternative products from other manufacturers that are cross compatible with Sennheiser systems.

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General description

The SZI 1015 is a 2-Watt radiator with a coverage area of up to 400 m². The radiator is switched on and off automatically by the modulator’s RF carrier. The RF signal from the modulator can be daisy-chained via BNC sockets. A barrier strip with RF and DC inputs and outputs is connected in parallel. The radiator has a 5/8” thread and comes with a 3/8” and 1/2” adaptor, it can therefore easily be mounted to various attachments.


2-Watt radiator and modulator for the new carrier frequencies 2.3 and 2.8 MHz

2-Watt radiator with a maximum coverage area of 400 m²

Chaining the signal to additional radiators

Modulator for single-channel, two-channel or stereo operation, features monitoring diodes and a separate barrier strip with RF and DC outputs for connecting radiators

Wide range of mounting accessories for the radiator, modulator comes complete with rack-mount ears

Technical Data

IR Diodes 72

Effective radiated power 2 W

Max. coverage area 400 m²

Carrier frequencies 30 kHz- 6 MHz

Threshold for automatic on/off function 50 mV

Operating voltage (mains) 25-30 V DC

Current consumption 0,7 A bei 25 V

Dimensions 250 x 100 x 80 mm

Weight 1,3 kg

Input voltage range 50 mV - 3 V

Audio-XLR connector BNC - Socket

Delivery Includes

SZI 1015

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