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What is a Tour Guide system?

A tour guide system is a portable radio system used to transmit an audio message from a presenter to listeners. The presenter simply speaks into a radio microphone transmitter and the listeners use wireless lightweight receivers to hear the message.

The most popular system from Sennheiser is the Tourguide 2020-D. The transmitter is available as a portable handheld microphone (SKM 2020-D) , bodypack (SK 2020-D) with headworn microphone (ME 3 II) or installation version (SR 2020-D). Receivers are lightweight stethoset type (HDE 2020-D II) or bodypack (EK 2020-D II), for use with either headphones or induction loop (EZT 3012). Both the microphone and receivers have rechargeable batteries and are charged in a charger/storage case (EZL 2020-20L).

When are Tourguide systems used?

Tourguide systems are used when normal conversation between a presenter and listeners is difficult. This could be due to background noise, not wanting to disturb other people in the same environment or when communicating with a large group.

 Examples of use

Tourguide systems can be used for tours conducted on the factory floor of businesses so the guide doesn't have to shout and compete with noisy machinery when taking visitors around their facilities. Systems are also used for on the job staff training.

When tour guides are taking visitors or tourists around galleries, cathedrals or other noise sensitive environments Tourguide systems are ideal. The guide simply whispers into the microphone and the users adjust their own volume on the receivers so everybody hears comfortably without disturbing others. As Tourguide systems are radio based wireless systems they also work outdoors. e.g. for castle tours, working farm tours, near noisy roads/airports or for audio descriptions for visually impaired people. Tourguide systems allow users freedom of movement while helping to keep the group together and stay focused.


  Tour guide using Sennheiser SKM 2020-D handheld transmitter

Tourguide systems are used for simultaneous interpretation at international conferences. The wireless portable transmitter allows the translator to be mobile and to set up quickly without having to worry about the trip hazard of power leads.

The wireless nature of tourguide systems makes them ideal as an assistive hearing system for stadiums or exhibitions centres. A tourguide system is a flexible and cost effective solution as minimal installation is required. Bodypack receivers with either headphones or inductive neck loops (to assist hearing aid wearers) can be used ensuring the event is more inclusive and complies with the Equality Act.

Fixed installation Tourguide systems can be used in museums, galleries, stately homes or even bus/boat tours, as pre-recorded multi-lingual descriptions can be transmitted. The visitors listen to the guided commentary via their receiver as they move.

Hire or Buy?

Sennheiser tourguide users  

We have a large stock of Sennheiser tourguide systems for hire.Hiring a system can be a cost effective solution for very occasional use. Many clients who hire then decide to purchase a system after experiencing the many benefits it brings to a tour. For regular events, clients normally purchase a system and then hire in additional headsets if needed.

How easy are Tourguide systems to use?

Sennheiser 2020-D tourguide systems are very easy to use without any prior experience of the equipment. The presenter simply removes the radio microphone transmitter from the charger/storage case and switches it on. The receivers are then removed and distributed to the listeners. The receivers automatically switch on when they are worn so battery life is maximized. The listeners then select the appropriate channel on the large liquid crystal display (channel selection can be locked if needed) and adjust the volume to a comfortable level. The system is now ready for up to 8 hours of continuous use.

Sennheiser 2020 tourguide equipment  

The system is now ready for up to 8 hours of continuous use.l. The system is now ready for up to 8 hours of continuous use.  When the event has finished the receivers are collected and placed in the charger/storage case. Once all the receivers are in the case they can all be set to the same channel by simply pressing the copy button. The receivers take only 2.5 hours to recharge and the system is ready for use again. It is as simple as that!

A Sennheiser Tourguide user instruction sheet is provided with every system and is also available to download at the bottom of this page.

How many systems can be used together?

The portable Sennheiser 2020-D digital tourguide system allows 6 (licence free) channels to be used simultaneously. Using installed transmitters enables an additional 2 channels to be used, allowing up to 8 to be used together.

The alternative Sennheiser tour guide system is the EK 1039. This analogue radio system is based on the EK 1039 bodypack receiver with Sennheiser evolution G3, G4 or 2000 series radio microphones. The EK 1039 system allows up to 32 channels to be used simultaneously (licence required).

There is no limit to the amount of receivers that can be used on a tourguide system.

What is the range of the system?

The Tourguide 2020-D system has a range of up to 100 metres outside and about 50 metres indoor.

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